Film about Irevan presented to US public in New York

The documentary film, "Do not shoot at our heritage," by Professor and honored journalist of Baku Slavic University (BSU) Shalala Hasanova has been presented to US public.
Report informs that the presentation of the film was held with the support of the Azerbaijani Embassy in US and organization of Azerbaijan-American Women's Society in the Brooklyn Borough Hall of New York.
Minavvar Vahabova, the President of the Azerbaijan-American Women Association and the "Azerbaijan House" in New York, opened the event and stressed the need to convey the facts about Irevan, where the heritage of our ancestors was buried. She said that the strength and influence of the film prepared by Shalala Hasanova are based on the undeniable facts. Thus, the history of Azerbaijan's Irevan, mosque architecture is animated in the memory of French, Russian, English, Armenian scientists, travelers and writers. Moreover, the film features the activities of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform and declares the peacekeeping challenges and tolerance of Azerbaijan to the broader public.     
Speaking after the demonstration of the film, Jon Liechty, General Manager on the United Nations relations with Non-Governmental Organizations, Marietta Rosenthal, President of the Brookings Institution for Russian-speaking communities, Yaakov Abramov, Head of the Mountain Jews Association in America, Gulshan Marshallfrom Uzbekistan Community, Irada Akhundova, the head of the Houston-Brothers Cities Association, Tulin Corakchi Anit from Turkey Community, head of the Florida-Azerbaijan American Association Tohfa Eminova and others noted the importance of animating the film's peace-loving spirit, rare books and documents, and exact locations of destroyed Irevan mosques on the map of the city.     
Within the framework of the event representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora from Florida, Texas, Maine, North Carolina, Minnesota participated in an exciting public discussion.
Employees of the Azerbaijani Embassy in the US, Vugar Mammadov and Salhat Abbasova, responsible employees of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, attended the event. Deputy head of the division of the State Committee in the United States Salhat Abbasova shared her views on the film and underlined the importance of such public discussions in foreign countries.