Azerbaijani MFA: Requiring additional security in 43rd UNESCO session in Baku is nothing but excuse to avoid participation

Azerbaijan, as the host country, and UNESCO have signed a relevant agreement on the eve of the 43rd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, the spokesperson of Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva told trend.
She was answering the question about the reports that Azerbaijan allegedly did not provide security guarantees to a number of participants during the session.
She noted that the agreement reflected all organizational aspects, including the provision of security guarantees to all participants of the event, without any exceptions.
"All UNESCO member states willing to participate in the 43 session of the World Heritage Committee, did so, having the mentioned guarantees, which were provided by Azerbaijan," Abdullayeva said.
"Attempts by Armenia to demand some kind of additional security guarantees exclusively for its participants are nothing but their own politically motivated choice to avoid participating in another international event held at a high level in Azerbaijan," she said. "If the Foreign Ministry of Armenia is still not aware of the technical rules and procedures for holding sessions of the World Heritage Committee, then they should contact the UNESCO secretariat to finally understand that equal and universal guarantees are provided to all participants of such events without any special reservations regarding individual countries."