MFA: Most important thing for Azerbaijan to ink deal which fully reflects its interests

In its foreign policy, Azerbaijan attaches great importance to relations with the EU and actively participates in many of its programs, spokesperson of Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva told Trend in "PREZİDENT. Müstəqillik. Təhlükəsizlik. Rifah" video project.
She said that Azerbaijan is perceived as an important partner of the EU.
It should be particularly emphasized that Azerbaijan’s geo-strategic position increases the interest of the EU member states in the country, she noted.
The visit by President of the EU Council Donald Tusk to Baku and his meeting with President Ilham Aliyev made positive contribution to the relations between Azerbaijan and the EU, she said.
It is no coincidence that characterizing Azerbaijan as a unique country, the EU leader highly appreciated the ties of Azerbaijan both with the East and with the West, Abdullayeva added.
‘With absolute certainty, I can say that the relations between the EU and Azerbaijan are successfully developing, and numerous meetings between the parties are planned for further cooperation,” she said. “This is in the interests of both Azerbaijan and Europe.”
Speaking of intensifying relations between Azerbaijan and the EU, special attention should be paid to high-level bilateral visits, she noted. “This is very important, since the implementation of such visits makes special contribution to promoting the cooperation and partnership,” she added. “One of these visits took place last week, which was the visit by EU Council President Donald Tusk to Azerbaijan.”
Abdullayeva noted that the negotiations held under the new agreement between Azerbaijan and the EU will provide a fruitful result.
“In this context, I would like to note that the most important thing for Azerbaijan is to conclude an agreement that fully reflects the country’s interests,” she said. “From this point of view, time is not the most important factor, the essence of this agreement is far more important. Most of the agreement has already been agreed upon during the negotiations held, and we hope to sign the agreement, which will meet the interests of both parties, in the near future.”