Period to submit documents for accreditation to conduct exit polls in municipal elections in Azerbaijan ends

Today is the deadline for accepting documents that should be submitted for accreditation of organizations intending to conduct an exit poll in the framework of the municipal elections scheduled for Dec. 23 in Azerbaijan, trend reports.
According to the calendar plan for holding municipal elections in Azerbaijan, the country's Central Election Commission (CEC) accepts documents minimum 20 days before the election date, that is, until Dec. 3, 2019 inclusive.
Moreover, December 3 also completes the refinement of voter lists in military units, pre-trial detention centers and polling stations created in the territories of correctional institutions and military units (military personnel, family members of military personnel living within the territory of a military unit, persons in pre-trial detention centers and convicted persons, those in correctional institutions and other voters).
On Dec. 3, the deadline for the transfer of voting protocols from the CEC to the district election commission ends.
Municipal elections will be held in Azerbaijan on Dec. 23. During the elections, 15,156 members of Azerbaijan's municipalities will be elected.
This year, 13 political parties will take part in the municipal elections in Azerbaijan.
The last municipal elections were held in the country on Dec. 23, 2014.