Minister praises DOST project`s role in social services

Deputy Minister of Azerbaijan's Labor and Social Protection of the Population Anar Aliyev has praised the ministry’s Sustainable and Operative Social Security (DOST) project for its role in carrying out social services in a transparent and operative manner.
Aliyev made the remarks at an event dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in Baku.
“DOST project, being one of the most substantial achievements in the social sphere, provides public social services based on innovative solutions. It qualifies the system to operate from one platform, “single window”, fully transparent and operative, based on comfort for citizens and simple procedures,” Aliyev said in an address to the opening ceremony of the event.
The deputy minister said that in accordance with the government’s social policy, significant work has been conducted to strengthen the social protection of vulnerable groups in the country.
Aliyev spoke about the measures taken in the field of social protection, medical and social rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Deputy Minister stressed the importance of the event, namely "DOST talks".
“The purpose of these events is to promote the integration of persons with disabilities into society and to increase their motivation, self-confidence, to reveal their skills, and to make their leisure time efficient and active,” he stressed.
MP Ganira Pashayeva who also addressed the event, said that social protection of the population is at the center of Azerbaijan’s government policy.
“Social programs on socially vulnerable groups operate in large scales. Such activities give a great incentive to people with disabilities. I would like to thank the people who contributed to the organization of the ‘DOST talks’,” she emphasized.
Then, persons with disabilities on different professions delivered a speech. “Heroes of the day” shared their success stories with the guests.
Children with disabilities from various schools of Baku also participated at the event and presented their musical performances.
The event, organized by DOST Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, was attended by various agencies, including government and non-governmental organizations, public and political officials.
DOST Agency was founded on the Decree by the President dated August 9, 2018. The first DOST center was opened in 2019. Three new DOST centers are expected to be opened in 2020.
The main spheres of the agency's services include labor, employment, social security, appointment of pensions, social benefits, targeted social assistance, disability assessment, disability determination, banking services, lawyer consultation, insurance services and etc.(azernews)