Ali Hasanov: Tehran meeting – a platform important for ensuring stability, security

The trilateral meeting of the Azerbaijani, Iranian and Russian presidents, held Nov. 1 in Tehran, is a platform important for ensuring stability and security, as well as promoting collaborative environment in the region, Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani president’s aide for public and political affairs, said in an interview with Trend.
Hasanov said the important developments recently taking place in the South Caucasus and the Caspian and Black seas’ basin, as well as the giant trans-national projects carried out under Azerbaijan’s leadership had significant impact on the November 1 meeting of the presidents of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia in Tehran.
“In the past week, the Azerbaijani president had meetings with almost all heads of states and governments of the region. At those meetings he had important discussions on all pressing issues of the region’s political and economic life, as well as on the prospects of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, which is the most important segment of the East-West transportation and communication corridor, and on the support to be provided by this project to the region’s countries, to the strengthening of trade-economic ties in the world in general,” he said.
“The trilateral meeting of the Azerbaijani, Iranian and Russian presidents is, first of all, a platform important for ensuring stability, security and promoting collaborative environment in the region, for further development of trade-economic ties, cooperation in energy and transport sectors between the countries, and solution of other pressing issues.”
“It can be said for sure that the heads of states were quite pleased with yesterday's meeting and its results. Delegations of Azerbaijan, Russia and Iran discussed current situation and tasks ahead in various spheres, as well as the partnership policy. I think the positive results of the meetings held will manifest in near future.”
He said the Tehran meeting showed that there are sincere friendly relations between Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia.
“The mutual respect and fruitful cooperation between the three countries is of great importance for solution of pressing issues of the whole region, and all participants are determined to continue the fruitful cooperation,” Hasanov added.
“I should also note that initiative and leadership of the majority of bilateral and multilateral meetings, held in the region lately, belong to Azerbaijan. The initiative to hold a tripartite meeting of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia, to create partnership between them, as well as the initiative of joint projects that are being implemented or intended to be implemented also came from Azerbaijan, and they have already begun to yield positive results.”
Therefore, as in all other issues, Azerbaijan’s leadership at yesterday’s meeting was prominent and will remain as such in the future, Hasanov said.
“I would like to note that the creation of such new formats of cooperation is topical. Along with Azerbaijan-Iran-Russia, there are also the Azerbaijan-Iran-Turkey and Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey platforms. Perhaps, in the future, the cooperation will be continued in the Azerbaijan-Turkey-Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan-Turkey-Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan-Iran-Turkmenistan and other formats. These formats will have a positive impact on consolidation of peace, tranquility, prosperity, trade and economic relations in the region,” Hasanov said.